Subsea and Offshore Products


In partnership with MIB Italiana S.P.A, we are able to provide Specialist and customized solutions to suit the technical and commercial demands of each individual project. Products include:


Turret2Multibore Turret Connector Systems: a custom-designed multiple function QCDC for disconnectable FPSO turret installations – requiring release of the risers due from typhoon, hurricane, ice-berg or other such conditions.



 RiserFlexible Riser Connector/Release Solutions: a diverse range of connectors and safety release systems to provide a safe and rapid method to release high and low flexible lines from vessel under adverse or emergency situations.

HoseMarine Hose Breakaways: provides automatic protection of floating and submerged hoses when subject to excess axial (tensional) loads on MBM, SPM, FSO & FPSO installations. 

Hose protectionHose protection system: hydraulically operated QCDC together with upper and lower isolation valves to fit at the interface between the hard deck piping and a floating export hose from an FPSO or FSO. 

shipTanker Loading Bow Connection Packages: sophisticated solutions for a variety of offshore product loading applications

ConnectorsMiscellaneous Connectors, Release and Environmental Protection Solutions: simple but effective method of achieving quick connection and disconnection to and from flanges




Hydra provides a wide range of industrial rubber hoses including:

Dock oil hose

Dock oil hose

Drilling mud and oil delivery hose

Drilling mud and oil delivery hose

Drilling mud delivery hose

Drilling mud delivery hose

Fuel and oil delivery hose

Fuel and oil delivery hose


Hydraulic oil suction and delivery hose

Hydraulic oil suction and delivery hose

Light and flexible oil suction and delivery hose

Light and flexible oil suction and delivery hose

Potable water delivery hose

Potable water delivery hose

Ship to ship petroleum products loading and unloading hose

Ship to ship petroleum products loading and unloading hose


Hose for chemicals and solvents3

Hose for chemicals and solvents

Gas delivery hose

Gas delivery hose




ADMIRAL offshore hoses

Marine Rubber hoses1

  • Range Diameter from 8" up to 24"
  • Available up to lOO bar working pressure
  • 0% elongation
  • Deep water application up to 3OO meters




Marine Hoses to OCIMF Standard

Marine Rubber hoses2

  • Single and Double Carcass Antipollution Marine Hoses for crude oil and oil products transfer (including refrigerated LPG at minus 5O Deg. C.)
  • Special hoses such as Catenary, for Reel Storage and Deployment on FPSO vessels, and very high tensile hoses.



Marine Hose Ancillary Equipment to OCIMF Standard

  • Butterfly Valves, Camlock Couplings, Blind Flanges.
  • Pick Up & Snubbing Chains, Marker Buoys.
  • Studbolts, Nuts & Caskets.
  • Hinged Hose Floats for Submarine Hoseline Systems.
  • Spoolpieces/Reducers/Y—Pieces (all with or without external buoyancy under protective cover).


Cargo Transfer Hoses for use In Dockside Facilities and Offshore Platforms

Marine Rubber hoses3

  • Oil Suction & Discharge Hoses according to BS/EN rules
  • Suction & Discharge for oil derivate products including LPG and Chemicals.
  • Rig Supply Hoses for Fuel, Drilling Mud and Potable Water.
  • Ship to Ship Refuelling Hoses.
  • General Purpose Industrial Hoses.
  • These products can be supplied with fittings according to customer requirements.




Mooring Equipment

Marine Rubber hoses4

  • Large diameter Mooring Hawsers to OCIMF Standard for Offshore Loading & Discharge Terminals.
  • Ropes, Chains, Shackles & Ancillaries tor Tugboat service and Dockside applications.



Navigation and Buoyancy Aids

  • Roto-moulded Navigation & Marker Buoys.
  • Subsea Buoyancy and Support Modules.





Drill pipes and non magnetic collar1Drill pipes and non magnetic collar2Drill pipes available are manufactured to API SPEC 5D and can be supplied in 2 7/8”— 5 ½” sizes.




The following grades are available, namely:

  • Grade E drill pipe
  • Grade X-95
  • Grade G-105
  • Grade S-135

Non—Magnetic Drill Collars can be supplied in 3 1/8” – 6 3/4” and 7” – 11”




Drill Stabilizers can be supplied in steel forged with grades of AISI 4145H and are API 7-1 and ISO standard.
Diamond etched Stabilizers can also be supplied in size ranges 6 1/2” to 9 1/2"
With enough lead lime notice arrangements can be made to stock up on required specifications of stabilizers.

stabilizers 2stabilizers 1








Casings are available for supply either in seamless or Electric Weld Resistance (ERW) Types.
They are manufactured to API Standard API 5CT and are available in size ranges from 2 3/8” to 13 3/8”

casing joint 2casing joint 3